“It is light, cool, more convenient, not heavy, and more natural. I like it better than anything I ever had. It does better in a bra; it fit into the curves better. You can quote me; I would recommend it to anybody.”

Jean C.

Jillianna vs. Silicone

The Jillianna Therapeutic Bead breast form is a new and exciting addition to the family of post mastectomy non-silicone breast prostheses. Its unique design allows the wearer a cooler and more comfortable choice.

The Jillianna is not meant to take the place of your silicone breast form, but as an additional prosthesis for those times you want a cooler, lighter form. Please take a look below for some of the differences between the Jillianna and a traditional silicone form.

Jillianna (Non-Silicone) Silicone
Cooler -- It allows the air to circulate through it
Hot (retains body heat)
Light Weight Heavy
Moldable and conforms to the wearer's chest wall Uniformed, structured shape, not moldable
Wearable soon after surgery Need to wait 6-8 weeks after surgery to wear
Wear in any bra Due to weight and form type, needs to be worn in a surgical bra
Less Expensive More expensive
Insurance replaces every six months Insurance replaces every two years

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